Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Ok, folks, this one is too funny not to share. Last night, after ice cream time, I was sitting here at the computer updating the Caring Bridge page for Doug's sister Val when he came stomping through the dining room hollering, "YOU'RE FIRED!" As he stomped down the hall to his bedroom, he added, "And I'm not kiddin you eeder!!!!" Quietly I asked, "Is there a problem?" (Ha, ya think??? Quick aren't I???) "DON'T CHANGE THE CALENDAR!!!" he hollers back. Yes, Doug takes his calendar stuff very seriously...I had torn off the pages for that day from my page-a-day calendars on the counter in the kitchen. The dogs were laying here at my feet, so I told them, "Let that be a lesson to you!" but I had all I could do not to laugh out loud at this little figure roaring through and firing me on the spot!!!! Later, after further discussion, it seems The Calendar Rules go like this: 1) You do not change the calendar until it is actually that day, and 2)You don't change the calendar at all--Doug does that! After I explained to Doug that I always had to change my own calendar until he moved here, we came to a happy compromise. The calendars can be changed the night before, but Doug will go ahead and do that for me. If I accidently forget and tear them off ahead of time, Doug will not get mad, and I will not be fired!! :) I pointed out that, if he fired me, there wouldn't be anyone to cook dinner--Molly and Tasha are not so good at cooking! This made him laugh (Doug likes to eat!) and I was off the hook for my little calendar faux pas. You'll be glad to know that peace reigns again in our little home!!!

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  1. Ok, folks, I laughed out loud again when I just re-read this!! Please, leave some comments...Doug and I will read them together, and I think he will enjoy hearing from you!