Monday, July 19, 2010

Doctor Visit

Doug had a follow-up doctor appointment today, and I am delighted to report he is improving with the breathing medications he has been on. He has gained back some of the weight he lost, and his oxygen levels have improved significantly. Yay, yay, and yaaaaaaaay! We also went to get a repeat chest x-ray in preparation for a return check up with the lung specialist next week.

Speaking of chest x-rays reminds me of another funny Doug story. When I first took him to the walk-in regarding the breathing issue, they wanted a chest x-ray, but the technician had left for the day. The doctor asked Doug if he'd ever had a chest x-ray before. I thought maybe he had when he had a bout with bronchitis a few years back, but Doug said, no, in 1955! The doctor and I just looked at each other. The doctor said, "Well Doug, you would have been just a little baby then!" "Thas right!" Doug proudly answered. The doctor and I just sort of blew it off, and I made arrangements for Doug and I to return the following day for the chest x-ray. Doug and I went on home, and I started a slightly delayed dinner, as well as preparing dinner for the following night when I would be at a meeting. Shortly, Doug came into the kitchen with his baby book. I was zipping around trying to cook and ooh and ahh over the baby book at the same time ("What a cute little baby you were, Doug!" "Oh, don't embarrass me! You make my cheeks bwush [blush]!" is kind of how the conversation went!!), when he turned a page and went, "SEE??" Sure enough, Doug had had a chest x-ray on March 14, 1955!!!!! Truly, I should have known better than to doubt him when it came to remembering a date!! This is one of the Doug stories I think I might never forget--and neither will the doctor, who was amazed when I told her the story the following day after we went back for the chest x-ray!

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