Friday, July 9, 2010

July 9, 2010

So many people have been asking about Doug and wondering how he is settling in. I am delighted to report that the entire transition has gone astoundingly well, better even than I had ever hoped! Very grateful to Diane for keeping Doug on the hill since November after Hoot passed away. Think that this helped Doug with move to my house--after a tough few months of losing "his" dog Sam, then Donald, then Hoot, he was able to make those adjustments before he had to adjust to another place to live. I was able to plan and pave the way for Doug to make the move, but I truly did expect it to be difficult for Doug when it came to the actual move. Not so--he loves his Jeff Gordon bedroom, his tv, his mailbox, my dogs, and his air conditioner! We sorted and tossed while packing his stuff with nary a peep from him. (I couldn't believe this myself!) In fact, it got so I would hold an item up, he would look at it, then say, "Trow it out!" with a little toss of his thumb over his shoulder. Not what I expected at all!!!!! There are so many funny stories and things that Doug says that I thought I really needed to start a blog to share them with all the people that love Doug and would like to hear of his/our adventures.

This morning we (Doug, Val, Bob, and I) went to court to have Val and I approved as Doug's official guardians. Last night I overheard Doug in the hallway talking to the dogs. (I have two dogs, a St. Bernard, and a Golden Retriever. Plenty for Doug to love!) It went something like this: "I got to tell you dogs, tomorrow I go to court. I get all dressed up in my good clothes. I can't wait!" Oh yes, we went in full regalia; dress pants, nice white shirt, tie, dress shoes, and suit coat. (Thanks to Diane, he has all this stuff. We sure know Hoot didn't take care of dress clothes!! Thanks to Dad for tying the tie for us last night so Doug could slip it over his head this morning--not my department!) I was able to talk him into leaving the suit coat on the back seat and putting it on just before we went into the court building. Those of you local know that it has been HOTand steamy here this past week, but it was very important to Doug to be all dressed up, so suit coat it was!

At the court, the judge was great with Doug. He came right up to the table where we were sitting, and leaned down in front of Doug. He talked about why we were there, and then complimented Doug on his nice tie. Then, he teasingly said he might take that tie. Doug was beaming, looked him right in the eye, and said, "Well, you can't have it!" Even the security officer was laughing! The paperwork took months to get taken care of, and we were only in court about ten minutes or so, but long enough to leave them smiling, which Doug has a tendency to do!

I will keep checking in and share some more stories that come to mind as Doug and I travel our new road together...

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