Friday, July 9, 2010

Uncle Bob took this picture outside the courthouse after we finished with the judge. Please note the nice white shirt, tie, and suit jacket. Doug knows how to dress for an occasion, and took his preparations very seriously. He looked so handsome, and we were so proud of him! When we were done at court, I took him to McDonald's for breakfast, then we did some other errands. He proudly tells everyone that "My niece Kelly had a nice little baby girl! I am a great-uncle again!" I think most of Owego and a good part of Ithaca have all gotten the message by now. The clerks and several customers at the MVD, the man at the fish counter at the grocery store that was getting our shrimp (more on him later!), the check out people at Target and Walmart, the counter people at McDonald''ve got the idea. I told Kelly, the news is OUT!!! You don't want to be shy if you are out and about with Doug!

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