Friday, July 16, 2010

Tie-Dye Dance

Oops! Forgot to take a picture before we left for the tie-dye dance yesterday, so we did a little re-creation at home tonight. Too many requests for the photo to ignore! You can see we had a little confusion regarding tie-dye and tie, so Doug is also wearing the tie that Catherine, who now lives up on the farm, gave him for the Fourth. His tie-dye is courtesy of Rachel; this is one of her volleyball shirts that she loaned to Doug to wear. He was absolutely thrilled to wear Rachel's shirt. I remember the first dance we went to, Doug stuck kind of close to me and took it all in. Last night, he disappeared onto the dance floor as soon as we got there, and I saw him again when it was time to go home! He did see me peek into the gym occasionaly, and I tried to get a picture of him doing the "Locomotion," but the gym was too dark. Let's just say he was having a great time!!


  1. He looks GREAT! He's so skinny! When I come visit, I'll have to take him for more ice cream to fatten him up!!! :)

  2. Doug will ALWAYS go for ice cream!! Since the breathing meds,he is actually putting on some of the weight he lost; I was concerned about that. I think the tie dye shirt must be deceptive, or maybe it's the tie itself that is slimming!