Sunday, July 11, 2010

Doug's new room turned out perfect for him. He's got his Jeff Gordon bedspread, sheets, and pillow cases, his Jeff Gordon pictures framed and on the wall, his Jeff Gordon flag, and more Jeff Gordon pictures on his shelf. This room, in its former life, was the guest room with my gram's quilts, flowers, and antiques. You can see that it has undergone quite a transformation! Doug's chair from on the hill fit perfectly in the corner, and faces his tv on the wall, along with his collection of Jeff Gordon hats that I hung up for him. On the wall next to the window above his bed is his "Go Big Red!" cheering sign that David got for him when they went to the Cornell Sweet 16 games. David took him to several games this year, and Doug became a big fan of Jeff Foote, who is from Spencer. Doug takes cheering for both Jeff Gordon and Jeff Foote very seriously! You can't see in this picture, but Doug is also wearing one of his many Jeff Gordon t-shirts. This one Bob and Val got for him when they were in Daytona, I think two years ago. It has Doug's face and Jeff Gordon's face while they are wearing racing gear, and Doug has the same picture on the shelf in the background. Interestingly enough, our house number is 324, and Jeff Gordon's number is 24. It made it easy to teach Doug his new address!

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