Friday, July 9, 2010

Doug's new mailbox. Getting the mail is EXTREMELY important to Doug. This was his job when he was in school and he takes it seriously. If you visit us, DO NOT go get the mail!!! Because I live on a busy road, I wanted Doug to have a mailbox where he could get the mail without having his back to the road. Poor David had to set the post for this twice as the first time the mailbox was higher than postal regulations and so he reset it in the hole for the old mailbox. Did I mention that it was our first really hot, humid day when he got to do this, after he had put Doug's new tv on the wall, and after he had to take the same tv off the wall because they had given me the wrong one, and also after he got to put the correct tv back on the wall?? We owe Doug's successful transition to many! I wish David could have seen Doug the first time I pulled in the driveway with Doug in the car to show him the new mailbox. "A new mailbox?? For me??" Hands clasped to heart, "Oh, I LOVE it!!!!" See why we love Doug?

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