Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Clerical Tasks

Doug was working yesterday to make a card for Diane Strong for her birthday. We were able to take it up to her last night, along with a gift, flowers, and the song/kazoo routine. We also collected a few more things that we still needed to get. Doug made sure the recycling papers had a plastic bag over them in case it rained--some habits never go away!
He has also been working steadily each day on completing change-of-address cards to send out to his MANY friends and relatives. I took a picture of him in his Jeff Gordon bedroom when we first started putting it together--it's also posted on this page--and used that picture to make the cards for him. Seriously, I ordered 60 of them initially, and then had to order 20 more! I took all his addresses from several different address books and put them in a database so they are in alphabetical order when we are trying to find addresses. It will make the task a lot easier next time! I think Val spent a couple days with him a year ago trying to get his Christmas cards done from a hodge-podge of addresses. We had a little slide whistle ceremony tonight to celebrate his finishing writing the last one. He only has four cards left!! I think we better start his Christmas cards in early November.

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