Saturday, July 10, 2010

Last weekend Doug and I helped out Bert and Mary White by watching their little dog for them overnight so they could get away with Lori and Jack and his family to visit other family in Scranton. We sneaked out of the house in our jammies and bathrobes about 10:00 Friday night after we had let Molly and Tasha out for Last Call. We sneaked back in on Saturday morning--not early; we don't do early well! Mary and Lori picked out these plates for us (no, that's NOT Doug's twin on the plate!!!) as a thank you. We have had more FUN with these plates!! This morning it was scrambled egg hair, bacon mustaches, and sausage ears. You should hear Doug giggle when the plates are brought out! We were sooooooo happy to be able to help out the White's, but they sure picked the perfect thank you for us.

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