Saturday, July 10, 2010

Doug was pretty excited to have a vist from Greg Edwards, one of his farm buddies, today. He got to show Greg his room, his new mailbox, one of his scrapbooks, and how much rain was in the rain gauge from last night! (We had to bring the indoor/outdoor thermometer and the rain gauge down from the hill--keeping track of this stuff is important to Doug. If you need any of this data, just contact our favorite scientist and he can supply it!) Doug loved visting with Greg, who is now practically our neighbor, and has promised to stop by often. Rumor has it that a trip to the Tastee Freeze and a strawberry or rootbeer milkshake might be in Doug's future...!!!!! See, it's not just family that spoils Doug! (Doug is sitting here with me while I do this, and his comment? "That's right! Everybody knows it!" Case closed--nothing more left to say!!!!!!

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